Flower City gathering, flourishing age sharing------The Open ceremony of South China International Dental Exhibition

On May 10, 2021, the South China International Dental exhibition opens ceremoniously!

South China International Dental exhibition, as a large-scale, effective and service-oriented oral event, has become a famous brand in China and even Asia and World. As the exhibitor of this activity, sinol Dental Ltd. has brought many series of products such as dental unit, dental handpiece, dental teaching microscope system, etc.


Reputation shows brand influence

The booths of Sinol was full of people. The doctors who came to sinol were also introduced by the sales staff to feel  satisfied of sinol products, and the response was warm. What Sinol brings this time is not only a single product, but also an overall solution for dental medical institutions, creating one-stop integrated services, which is also an innovation and exploration for the development of the whole dental industry.


Only innovation can make a breakthrough

Sinol, as an enterprise that accompanies the growth and development of South China International Dental Exhibition from beginning to end, we always stick to the original intention of being an excellent national brand, constantly bring forth new ideas, and develop better dental products to serve doctors.



Visiting Exquisite products and getting Exquisite gifts


In addition to providing you with sinol’’s integrated service solutions and new force products, Sinol also specially prepared a collection of praise and gift giving activities for the doctors present. Exquisite gifts are constantly given, and the scene is very popular.



As a partner of Sinol, dealers are always loyal defenders of Sinol development and brand strength. In order to promote the integrated cooperative relationship between manufacturers and better serve the end customers, Sinol has held a South China regional dealers' Association to focus on regional development.


In order to better serve the visiting customers, Sinol made a deep study of product performance overnight behind every show with hard work and ideas, striving to show you a more perfect image of sinol