Low Speed Handpiece

Low speed handpiece(058i 043i 0224i)

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  • Main features: 
    1. The motor has the function of positive and negative rotation to satisfy the doctor’s convenience in operation.
    2. Insert connection, which is compatible with internal and external straight and contra angle handpiece both at home and abroad.
    3. Centrifugal slip sheet style of motor cartridge, totally new imported self-lubrication slip sheet material, which can be sterilized under high temperature and high pressure steam.
    4. The torque of motor ≥3NNaN.
    5. Adopting imported ball bearing, it rotates flexibly.
    6. The press button for changing bur is convenient and reliable.
    7. The whole chucking form of internal spray handpiece was made by general ER spring collets of numeral control machine. The way of equipping bur is convenient and reliable.
    8. The straight and contra angle handpieces have hygiene heads, which can prevent the contamination effectively.
    9. The inside cooling spray is convenient and has good effects.

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