Low Speed Handpiece

Low speed handpiece(058x 058)

  • Product Introduction
  • Product Features
  • Configuration
  • Specification:
    1. Adopting imported steel bearing with 5 sets ball bearings inside and flexible rotation.
    2. Adopting traditional wrench chuck type, reliable with big torque.
    3. The whole head was processed by numeral control machine, breaking the traditional weld
    process, stable quality and attractive appearance.
    4. Disc spring is added in the head, which can reduce the damage of ball bearing because of gear transmission and prolong the life of ball bearing.
    5. Cooling type: shower type can be taken apart. After connected with external water spray motor, it can realize two forms of cooling—water and spray, it can satisfy customers’ multiple needs.
    6. Rotation speed ratio is 1:1( we still have 20:1)
    7. When it is connected with motor, there is no vibration and no heating.
    8. It can be sterilized under 135 ℃ high temperature and high pressure steam.
    9. It can be connected with motor in line with international standard.

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