Low Speed Handpiece

Low speed handpiece(058X 20:1)

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  • Main purpose and features:
    It is mainly applied in clinical dental implant. All the parameters confirm to general international standard. It can be connected with implant motor in line with general international standard.  
    It adopts external water course for cooling. It is wrench type for bur changing, safe and reliable. The key spare parts such as ball bearing, cartridge and gear are imported from German stainless material. It is processed by high precision numerical control machine. It adopts quenching process.
    Technical specification:
    Adopting imported steel ball bearing with six sets ball bearings inside and rotating flexibly.
    Speed reducing ratio: 20:1
    Cooling: external water course
    Chuck type: wrench latch, big chucking, safe and reliable.
    Head diameter:φ2.35mm
    Connection type: conformity to ISO standard E type.
    Rotation speed: 0-2000rpm
    Disinfection: It can be sterilized under 135℃ high temperature and high pressure.

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