Especial Handpiece

Especial handpiece(ADT)

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  • Product Features
  • Configuration
  • Specification:
    1 The head size is φ12.2×14.2, big torque.
    2 360 quick coupling, 4 holes and 2 holes are available. Anti-retraction system can avoid cross infection.
    3 Adopting imported German ball bearing.
    4 Working pressure: 4 holes 025-0.27 MPa, 2 holes 0.2-0.22MPa.
    5 Air consumption: 30-36L/min
    6 Radial runout: ≤0.01mm
    7 Cooling type: surface spray cooling
    8 When the water pressure is 200kpa, the cooling water quantity >50mL/min.
    9 Rotation speed: 310,000-360,000 rpm
    10 Cutting force:radial direction≥1.1Kg, axial direction≥2.0Kg
    11 Noise: ≤65dB
    12 Torque: 0.12~0.13N.cm
    13 It can be sterilized under 135 ℃ high temperature and high pressure steam..

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