Oral Multimedia Teaching System

SPJ-Ⅱdigital oral teaching system

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  • Features:
    1、The design of hands operation which for both teaching and clinic.
    2、Systems Integration: the computer system, LED lighting systems, video systems, dental software systems, operation control system in one, offering  you a comfortable and efficient work experience.
    3、Combined with LED light and lens with high magnify -action (30x), provide you with a clear vision and effective treatment view, it also can be auto focused.
    4、Comfortable position: sitting of 90 ° can greatly relieve your fatigue, you can easily complete treatment by high-definition screen.
    5、Network design: Based on the design of the computer network, enabling multi-display and remote transmission of video data, broadcast the teaching process and the typical clinical surgery cases. The recorded information can be used for academic reference and patients’ recognition.
    6、Functional and practical, simple manipulation: Configure a self-developed software system with video capture, record, capture, full-screen, mirror, screenshots, video parameter settings and other functions; wireless foot switch, wireless mouse and keyboard, allowing you to easily achieve the device control.

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